Hold On Young man And Don't Let Go

by Qtherealist
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Hold On Young man And Don't Let Go

1 part
2 readers
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by Qtherealist
Complete - Updated Jan 08, 2017  

No need to look in the mirror to see that you've changed
You feel it deep in your soul that you ain't the same
What happened to the young boy
That grew up an independent man?
Is it certain this in life that you don't seem to understand?
None of us are perfect
And we're entitled to our mistakes
Whether things are going right or wrong
You must keep your faith
No one knows what your going through
Or how you feel inside
I have to be quite frank
It seems apart of you has died
You smile and pretend that everything is cool
For the ones that don't know you
It's easy for you to fool
It's surely something in your past
That's affecting you today
Why take it out on those that love you
You'll only push them away
To be a man is to provide, to protect
And to stand on your own
Being responsible for your actions
On how you carry on
No it's not easy being the one who leads
Your human like the opposite sex you bleed
Your not fully gone like a bum on the streets
Your still able to smile with whomever you meet
And that says a lot
So I hope that you know
Just keep on living
In due time you will grow
Hold on young man and don't let go



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Hold On Young man And Don't Let Go    


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