On the Eve of a Thousand Years of Darkness

by Anonymous
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On the Eve of a Thousand Years of Darkness

1 part
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by Anonymous
Ongoing Series - Updated Nov 30, 2013  

By the end of this decade, 4 major events are likely to occur that will forever change the United States of America.

Like Paul Revere in April 1775, I am sounding this alarm.

“Change” as Barack Obama’s slogan stated in 2008 is here and soon the United States will become a one-party dominant Nation.

 The Radical Left Wing plans to advance its agenda of transforming America. That agenda includes destroying America as it exists today in order to reconstruct it in its own ideological image.

To accomplish these things, the Radical Left Wing has created an unbreakable Network which has completely taken over the Democratic Party and now plans to destroy the Republican Party.

 America is becoming more divided everyday over many issues. Our differences will become so extreme that debate will turn to threats of violence and those threats will give way to real violence.

 Soon the Radical Right Wing will take up arms against the Radical Left Wing and the out of control left wing Federal Government following the 2014 midterm elections.

The conflict in the Middle East continues to grow into a global conflict.

 Iran will launch a nuclear or chemical weapon at Israel keeping its promise to “wipe Israel off the face of the Earth”.

 After Israel is destroyed, the United States will become governed by Islamic Law. The Muslim Brotherhood has always had the desire to make the US an Islamic Nation.

 Today, we find ourselves on the Eve of a Thousand Years of Darkness.  


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