A Cautionary Tale

by Anonymous
2 parts
7 readers
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A Cautionary Tale

2 parts
7 readers
0 votes

by Anonymous
Ongoing Series - Updated Nov 20, 2013  

This is a real love story where the man leaves the woman with the devastating words...I need to go for the real gold...She is completely shattered....She completely falls apart... she comes back together a lot stronger.... 

She knows he is chasing fool's gold...he is on a mission... he has a completely false image of himself...he doesn't yet know who he is...

The reader is led along....did he really do that, you must be kidding, women wouldn't do that surely?....It is told in a conversational way as though gossiping over coffee....

The time-line is jumped around in as QB (the woman) remembers different scenes that she has played with Hat (the man).

It's a cautionary tale of how when man has a false image of himself, acts with self interest reasons only, is afraid of his own shadow... he destroys all that has been good and beautiful in his life, and rather than face his inner demons, he demonises others...

The woman is called QB...the reason is revealed at the end...what the nick name stands for. The man is called Hat because QB looks across at a photo of him and sees him wearing his favourite hat...she can't bear to look at Hat now....Hat is just how she always thinks of him...

It is a Bridget Jones style book, but with observations of human behaviour and how the human psyche works...and also how when man strives for spiritual knowledge he often loses sight of living a good life...





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