Don't You Know Who I Am?

by Anonymous
1 part
6 readers
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Don't You Know Who I Am?

1 part
6 readers
0 votes

by Anonymous
Ongoing Series - Updated Dec 28, 2013  

Neil Bidstrup, twenty-something career actor and model, is second choice for the lead in the Reality Television show, Reputation Alone, and doesn’t he know it.

Forced to live without home, telephone, television, money, or internet, he must instead rely on strangers' generosity for hot meals, warm beds, or both.

Before long, Neil gets the cold shoulder.

Neil escapes from clingy one-night stands, overly-friendly churchgoers, randy grandmothers, vicious dogs, a stalker ex-friend, and the city itself, to lick his wounds and reassess human behaviour. All the while, Neil's every waking moment is recorded on minuscule hidden cameras and microphones for a hungry audience.

He meets a small township of down-to-earth farmers,  predisposed to giving anyone they meet a fair go, a memorable party, and pass the hat around to raise a little money for charity at the same time.

With confidence restored, Neil returns to Sydney, but is instantly recognised by a sea of unfriendly faces, when (unbeknownst to Neil) his guest stint as a murderous villain on the nation’s number one soap opera comes back to haunt him.

Following a life- and career-threatening beating, Neil wakes up in hospital. Abandoned by friends, family and talent agent; the vindictive executive producer of Reputation Alone is only arranging Neil's hospital discharge to continue his fortnight of misery.

Caught between conflicting aspirations of fame and his near-constant shame, Neil has little choice but to continue in satisfying this unseen, manipulative industry giant. Even if this means sleeping rough and eating from bins.


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