Scarlet Lore

by Shiverfeather
1 part
5 readers
3 votes

Scarlet Lore

1 part
5 readers
3 votes

by Shiverfeather
Ongoing Series - Updated Oct 27, 2016  

Loyalty, Love, Blood.

A steady peace has been reached between the fractions of London's supernatural underworld. The model has been replicated across the globe and the word-the non-human one perhaps-is drifting towards peace. Sine is perfectly happy with this. Sure, she likes her bloodshed as much as anyone else but she is certainly glad to be rid of that dagger hanging over her.

One fateful day, however, she recieves news that ruins this perfect contentment. With a quick detour into the darker side of witchcraft and a little bit of sacrifice she figures all that is fixed. Of course it isn't that easy. A new danger looms overhead, threatening to destroy everything she has worked for. The veil between the living and the dead is growing thinner and a war is brewing beneath the surface.

The threat just happens to be a lot closer to home than anyone expected.



Cover made by Jewlez on wattpad.


Awesome cover design! And a wonderfully woven story!

Anthony Duck Lacaria (58225347) - October 31, 2016 at 4:50am

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Scarlet Lore    


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