There's more earth

by rokabrotrew
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There's more earth

0 parts
2 readers
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by rokabrotrew
Ongoing Series - Updated Feb 16, 2019  

Series one of 6 flat earth series books

A lone agent is torn between what he thought he knew and, what he's being introduced to by characters he meets by chance. 

It's now and the world is a different place, the war was won by the Chinese in 1945. M.i.6 has been his sanctuary and the chances to be free are slim, he is torn between what he believes and what his eyes can see. He's in a dystopian world of graffiti and missing corpses. 


If truth is something deemed to be fact, evidence something witnessed with our own eyes. Is it possible, to have either, without neither? A map is a projection of the earth, the Azimuthal Equidistant map, shows us its longitude that expands outward, causing outer widths to be exaggerated in size and position. Question, is this a true depiction of the place we live, or is it a theoretical conclusion reached by, Who?”


This is a work of a series in progress...

Writer - August 19, 2017 at 7:24pm

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