Sammie and Star

by Shenan Wilson
1 part
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Sammie and Star

1 part
1 reader
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by Shenan Wilson
Ongoing Series - Updated Dec 09, 2016  

I walked into a land of pink with my best friend Alex, who had opened the portal in ways I will never hope to understand at least the poor dear let me make her a da-ling outfit for this journey it was a cute blue and black dress with three dark black ruffles on the skirt one near the top one near the middle and one near the bottom. Because of my sweet nature, she asked for my assistance not that she wasn't sweet she's just... temperamental .sighs femininely and dramatically as we walk through a cotton candy pink forest, "this forest is just da-ling yes Alex?" "Eh it smells nice, but I prefer blue and the scents of strawberries are making me hungry."

Sex: 2 males (Sammie and Star) mains and one female background main (main that's more of a booster to the other mains then an actual main) (Alex)
Age: 22 (Star) 19 (Sammie) 24 (Alex)
Race: Horse (Star) Skunk (Sammie) Pantherwolfdragon (Alex)
Height: 7'5 (Star) 3'4 (Sammie) 5'3 (Alex)
Genre: Cute romantic, action, and adventure
Powers: Star can turn into a horse, dragon, or a dragonhorse, Sammie is a normal strawberry shortcake scented skunk, Alex can change her gender, age, and open portals

Star nightmare -

Sammi the skunk -

Alex the pantherwolfdragon -


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Sammie and Star    

Shenan Wilson

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