Back to Englesberg

by Anonymous
2 parts
6 readers
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Back to Englesberg

2 parts
6 readers
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by Anonymous
Ongoing Series - Updated Nov 23, 2013  

“I took his hand, as he led me down to the beach. We stood on the edge of the ocean, watching the distance for anything... Ryan placed his hand on my stomach, and smiled, looking up at the sky, and mouthing the words thank you... I knew in that moment that he was ready for this... maybe he’d been ready his whole life, but right now, he was more ready than ever! We turned so that our faces were almost touching each other... I could see the smile on his face, and for the first time in six months, I was smiling too...” 

Rhiannon McMahon had a terrible childhood, one that for her whole life, she tried to escape. Along the way, Rhiannon’s best friend Rachel was lost, and so was her brother Nick, but there, through all the hard times, was Ryan Carmichael, the one person she could see herself loving...

After three years of being away from Englesberg, Rhiannon returns to her childhood town, and to all the memories of the past she’d rather leave behind. It’s been three years since she’s seen Ryan and her mother... and with her three friends from uni, Briony, Dean and Gracelynn by her side, Rhiannon takes herself back to Englesberg... 

Back to Englesberg, is the story of a young girl, who returns home after three years, only to discover that she shouldn’t have left in the first place.... Join us, as we take her journey.... Back to Englesberg.


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Table of Contents

The Offer    
Long Time, No See    


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