When I'm gone

by Deleted
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When I'm gone

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by Deleted
Ongoing Series - Updated Apr 13, 2017  

I don't know if it's morning, noon, or night. I do know that if you're reading this then I'm not here anymore. What I'm going to tell you are things that I didn't manage to while I was still with you.

1: life.

Life is unpredictable, it's a bit of a roller coaster for most normal people, it's unusual for everything to go right all of the time. My life has for the most part been good, I've made mistakes and not so great decisions as you may make too,the trick is to bounce back and smash it right in the face (not literally because you might get arrested). You will come across lots of different people and situations in your life, some good some not so, stand your ground and remember you can do anything you set your mind to, don't ever let anyone tell you any different.

Keep people who try to discourage you at a distance, believe in yourself and try your best. When I was about eight and living at the old house with my mum and dad (your grandparents) I used to play in the garden a lot. At the end of the garden was a small wall that I use to jump over all the time I did it so many times I could do it with my eyes closed. One day when I was jumping over the wall like I did so many times before I got complacent and tripped over the wall and fell into nene’s big half barrel plant pot, it broke, I cut my knee(had the scar all my life to prove it) and I got a smack for my troubles. The moral to this episode is don't get complacent with life always keep your eyes open to what's going on around you.
Try to be nice to people (but don't let them take the piss) remember everyone's struggles are different and some people won't advertise the fact something is wrong so be careful.
Never do anything you're not comfortable with you are your own person and you owe nothing to anyone.
Don't fare dodge there's no point ( your brother did it once “by accident “ ended up costing me £30) in life pay your way and hold your head up high.


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