The Shard Chronicles - Book One: The Naissance

by Anonymous
3 parts
13 readers
0 votes

The Shard Chronicles - Book One: The Naissance

3 parts
13 readers
0 votes

by Anonymous
Ongoing Series - Updated Dec 06, 2013  

The Naissance, Book One of The Shard Chronicles, is set in the fictional town of Crescent Lake, present-day Colorado, and follows the life of Austin Cooper, a boy growing up with the love and respect of his family and friends. But there’s something different about Austin. He’s not like everyone else. He’s keeping a terrible, disheartening secret from them all. A unique ability that ensures his role as future protector of a powerful object, an object in the ownership of a man, the only other human like him. An object with a true origin lost over the span of time. An object that wants him dead.

After a troubling incident involving Austin, the man departs, searching for answers, and leaving the boy to deal with a new set of problems. He’s displaying more abilities... impossible without possession of the object... and the worst one yet, the school bully, intent on destroying the one person capable of stopping his vicious deeds.


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Table of Contents

Chapter One - The Homestead    
Chapter Two - The Boy    
Chapter Three - The Babysitter    


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