Seeing the Light of Day

by Anonymous
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Seeing the Light of Day

1 part
2 readers
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by Anonymous
Ongoing Series - Updated Nov 23, 2013  

Seeing the Light of Day and its sequel  follows the journey of one woman as she experiences the changes taking place as the upgrading of human consciousness takes effect.

The new energies have now arrived with the advent of 2012 and beyond and these are touching all our lives. 

As the world is slowly breaking down in order that it can come together whole, the story follows her own experiences as she is broken down in one with the shattering of her world…from brokenness to wholeness…she is re-configured, re-designed and she has felt the sorrow of the world, and pledges now to be a messenger of peace.

These books are a heart-breaking love story. The woman, is in effect, writing a love letter not just to the lover she has lost, but to the world, encouraging it to love itself and become a true union.

But this is not Hollywood…it is gritty, real and raw and the reader is taken on the heart rendering journey of how her heart is smashed against the rocks, how she feels despair at the deepest level, and how she finally arrives at inner peace and renewed hope...

There are no Hollywood happy ever after endings…she takes the reader on a journey of repeating patterns of behaviour, power battles, and ego based behaviours….but there is the magical possibility that man may yet redeem himself….

The world is now waking up and each person is remembering who and what they are.



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