The Illegal Gardener

by Anonymous
1 part
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The Illegal Gardener

1 part
13 readers
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by Anonymous
Ongoing Series - Updated Nov 19, 2013  

Driven by a need for some control, Juliet sells up and buys a dilapidated farmhouse in a Greek village, leaving her English life behind.

The house is livable by local standards, restoring the garden is too big a job for her alone.

Around the olive tree, hidden beneath the weeds, are mattresses, broken chairs, shepherds' crooks, goat-bells, remains of past lives intertwined in slow decay. 

Juliet reluctantly enlists casual labour. She has no desire to share her world. The boys have grown, Mick has gone. It's her time now.
Aaman travelled to Greece from Pakistan illegally, to find work and raise money for the harvester his village desperately needs to deliver them from poverty.

Poverty that's destroying his community.

What he thought would be a heroic journey is fraught with danger and corruption. He finds himself in Greece and follows the work, a little here, a little there. Over time he loses sense of self. He is a migrant, illegal, unwanted, valueless. Some days he cannot afford to eat, let alone return home.

In the village square, before dawn, he waits for work.

Juliet hires Aaman.

Neither is entirely comfortable. Juliet, who has money and a passport, resents the intrusion. Aaman needs work but resents the humiliation.

As summer progresses, they find they have something in common, an event that has defined how they interact and how they view themselves. Pieces of themselves they have kept hidden are exposed. They are each other's catalysts to facing their own ghosts...



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