Hopeless Wanderers

by Anonymous
1 part
11 readers
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Hopeless Wanderers

1 part
11 readers
0 votes

by Anonymous
Ongoing Series - Updated Nov 20, 2013  

When Jared and Nathan's parents died in a house fire, they were all each other had left. But it soon became difficult for them to hold on to that, when demons from Hell came for them.

   They've been on the run for five years, somehow always managing to keep away from the demons out to kill them. They survive on stealing, begging, quick reflexes, remaining in a constant state of awareness, and by relying on special powers Nathan seems to have. Even so, life is incredibly difficult and Jared's starting to believe there's no hope left - that is, until the angels arrive.

   Camael is an angel, one that has always been in Jared's life even if he wasn't aware of it. But although he's there to help the brothers, he brings even worse news.

   Nathan is a weapon- a half-human and half-angel, he's stronger than both and was destined to wing the war between angels and demons. But now the angels want him dead.

   Suddenly the brothers are on the run from both Heaven and Hell and are no closer to making it out alive. And slowly Jared starts to wonder about his own humanity, which will lead to a starling discovery.

   He's a half-demon with the power to destroy the world, and Nathan's complete opposite.

   Hopeless Wanderers is a story about two brothers and a fallen angel, and their struggle to live even as everything around them falls.


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Table of Contents

Prologue, and Chapter One    


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