Into the neverness

by Ezmeralda
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Into the neverness

1 part
2 readers
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by Ezmeralda
Complete - Updated Dec 17, 2016  

Whispers deep within me,
Becoming louder with each breath,
A wakeful slumber is what I do best,
Clutching onto fragments of time.

Wanting knowing
Scattered dreaming
The wonders I possess,
Tiptoeing around my neverness.

Creeping slowly the victim rises,
Showing herself in the madness engulfing,
Piece by piece the images unfold,
Taking hold of any happiness.

Wading through so heavy and lost,
Resentment fear anguish and hurt,
Clutching onto the hope buried so deep.

Running, falling, crashing, drowning,
Spiralling into a world that cannot see.

Feeling smaller as time goes on,
Will I ever find my way home?
Way beyond the shadows and darkness.

Hiding my face from the sorrow,
Commando crawling through muddy junk,
Tortured by what surrounds me!

Increasing speed, yet bogged deep now,
Stories of the distant past,
Appeasing any movement now,
Gripping onto what I already know.

Pounding in my energy centre,
I have to do something extreme.

Wake me from myself I scream!

Fill me with pure mess now and free me from
prisoned poisoned soul.

Lingering in the distance I see,
A braided rope - Is this my hope?
Dangling there in the light I see,
Tiny visions of a happier me.

Climbing up the endless stream of cloudy murky
Stepping onto what's troubling me,
Out of the shadows out of the haze,
With me now a wonderous blaze.

Pushing me up my innocence remains,
Full speed now enchanted by the braided rope,
Reaching out, I grab it now
The rope will set me free,
Holding on so tightly,
As I'm pulled away from the woes that plague me.

Into the light and into the freedom,
Looking around I can see,
The beautiful life that awaits thee,
Rising, rising here is some hope,
Into the wonders into the dreams,
Guided by what I can see.

Out of know where it bites me,
The rope I hoped was helping me,
The rope which holds my destiny,
Is now the snake that's biting me,
Down, back down so easily,
Back into the slumber
Back into the neverness.
It's swallowed me.



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