Why you do the things you do

by nikki-nevermind
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Why you do the things you do

1 part
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by nikki-nevermind
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I know how hard it is, and I wish I could be there

There's so many times I wish I would have shown

how much I care

I know I've done some things that I really

shouldn't have

But if you look at the reasons why you'll see I'm

really not that bad

I did it for the money, when I didn't have a dime

I never meant for it to turn into a life of crime

I did it for the challenge, just to see if I really


I did it for the rush and no one thought I really


I did it when I needed recognition so I felt

Did it when I had no friends and no one there to


I did it when I thought no one really cared

I did it when it hurt so bad, the pain I couldn't


In chaos and confusion, my world in disarray

When I had no one to turn to, is when I went


When I couldn't disappoint you, and was


to show my face

Is when I fell the furthest into my pit of disgrace

When the loneliness and heartache inside me

was so great

That death or total numbness is the only means

you can escape

And within coping everyday, you lose all track of


Unable to find enough clarity to see you've

crossed the line

Inside your disillusions, where your sadness takes

a hold

And your life becomes such misery, you

relinquish all control

From outside it looks intentional, but its really

slip and fall

And suicide mission when you feel you've lost it


It's too much to remember and to painful to


When you're trying so hard to hold on, but your

fingers start to slip

As you watch the things you want the most

getting further from your grasp

As the life you loved and were used to, so soon

becomes your past

As every day you're giving up a little piece of you

The less they're able to understand why you do

the things you do


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