Nothing much

by nikki-nevermind
1 part
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Nothing much

1 part
1 reader
0 votes

by nikki-nevermind
Complete - Updated Apr 02, 2017  

What happened to the little girl and pony with blue eyes?

Who all she ever wanted was to have a horse to ride

What happened to the woman whose sons she built her life upon?

Never wanting more from life than just to be their mom

What happened to her heart cut in pieces by the knife?

By being abandoned by the man she loved after she became his wife

Disillusioned and alone she will never be the same

Does anyone remember her or understand her pain?

They killed her gentle spirit taken away her tender touch

For what she dreamed of and believed in ended up being nothing much

Wishes, love and fairy tales are things she once believed

Searching for the truth only to find that she had been deceived

What happened to the girl who had charisma from the start?

She lost herself so long ago within a broken heart


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Nothing much    


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