An Expats Experience's of Living in Turkey

by Anonymous
2 parts
1 reader
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An Expats Experience's of Living in Turkey

2 parts
1 reader
0 votes

by Anonymous
Ongoing Series - Updated Apr 06, 2015  

My book ‘An Expat’s Experiences of Living in Turkey’ is based on the many and varied experiences that have occurred during the past 25 years spent living in Turkey. It starts with how as an Englishman I came to arrive here in 1989 and why within a very short space of time my late wife and I decided to buy a plot of land and have a house built in a quite village down on the Mediterranean Coast. What followed from our decision to uproot and move to Turkey is a mixture of joy, happiness, distress, frustration, grief and finishing with extreme happiness, with my now living in a completely new environment and enjoying a second life here in Turkey. Scattered throughout the book are various tips and suggestions on a variety of things that can help those thinking of either just buying a holiday home here, of moving to live here permanently. 


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Table of Contents

Arrival in Turkey    
A project in paradise    


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