The Sharpest Lives

by Anonymous
1 part
3 readers
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The Sharpest Lives

1 part
3 readers
0 votes

by Anonymous
Ongoing Series - Updated Dec 28, 2013  

The story begins with Lara Turner talking to her therapist about the events of the year previous.

Lara joins Riverthorpe Grammar School after a sheltered life in an all girls school. Due to her naivety, Lara is easy prey for Gabby and her tight-knit group of friends. They're beautiful, smart, and fun.

It soon becomes apparent that this group like to lead a life of debauchery, to which Lara agrees as she has feelings for one of the boys, George.

The six delve into this drug, drink and sex addled life, but when George is left comatose after a drunken fight, Lana realises that they need to stop.

However, as addicts of the fast life, they fall back into their old routine- sans George.

One fateful night sees a pregnant Rose overdose,  Jack's untimely death, Alex being imprisoned because of both, and Gabby losing her mind due to drugs.

Lara is the only survivor.

After talking to her therapist and George- who safely awoke from the coma- in the present, Lara decides to confront Gabby about why she encouraged everyone into such a destructive life. Gabby admits she did it, simply because she could.


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Table of Contents

I'm Not Okay    


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