What its really about

by nikki-nevermind
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What its really about

1 part
1 reader
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by nikki-nevermind
Complete - Updated Apr 02, 2017  

As I walk into this empty room, a sense of

foreboding and impending doom

I tried so hard to save a life and now in turn

might cost me mine

Why would someone run away?

From a place they found that love will stay

Why would they return to hurt and pain?

That they know will come again

Why would they trade the good for bad?

The love for hate- the happy or sad

These are the things I may never know

But only for my love can I let go

And hope what you seek you will find inside

For you can't find truth in a house of lies

And trade your pain for the joy you seek

I hope this for you, even not with me

Because sometimes love is letting go

And turning away from what you know

Trading the knowledge in for faith

Some times will give you much more strength

But to your heart always be true

And righteous in all that you do

Don't be like people you despise

Be aware and open up your eyes

The love you seek is all around

In the ones that never let you down

While searching for the love for which you yearn

Don't forget it needs to be returned

Remember who it is you can trust

Who treated you fairly- who treated you just

Don't betray the ones that trusted you

Be loyal and worthy in all you do

Don't react on how you feel

Feelings and check find what is real

Water is not necessarily thinner than blood

Because what it really is about is love


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