Can you see Anything Now

by Anonymous
2 parts
2 readers
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Can you see Anything Now

2 parts
2 readers
0 votes

by Anonymous
Ongoing Series - Updated Feb 27, 2014  

Can you see Anything Now follows a year in the life of Margie Nethercott and Pixie Ammon, two women of different generations who both have near drowning experiences in the Weekeepeemee River, a river that runs through a small town called Trinity in upstate New York.

 Pixie's father becomes convinced that Pixie will ‘rise from the dead’ and goes to work convincing the people of the town that if only they will come together to pray and seek God, his daughter will be restored to life. The town rallies, and in a crescendo of singing, fireworks and solidarity, there is a restoration that occurs and a tiny hope that becomes visible.

There is art, literature, a love story, and a touch of surrealism in Can you see Anything Now. It's a compelling, thoughtful novel, and will stick with you for a while.


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Table of Contents

Early in the morning    
these complications    


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