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2 parts
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Ongoing Series - Updated Nov 23, 2013  

The year is 2050 and Japan is crushed by debt. The yen is history and the US dollar is the official currency. Osaka, the nation’s fourth largest city, is a bankrupted mess. Electric cars and high oil prices are beyond the reach of most, and public transport is overcrowded and no longer runs on time.

Bicycles have returned to the streets.

Amidst this chaos rises a young, ambitious criminal named Bochan Baba. His White Tiger gang have fingers in every pie across the city: extortion, drug running, prostitution, gambling and most recently, the wholesale thievery and export to southeast Asia of bicycles. Overworked and underpaid the Osaka police are powerless to stop them.

Safe from this scourge is a man-made island off the coast of Osaka called VeloCity. Connected by an umbilical chord of rail links and taxi ferries, VeloCity is a social experiment—a carless city where its inhabitants get about by bicycle or pedicab.

In the summer of 2050, however, VeloCity is eclipsed by a dark cloud: the White Tiger gang arrives to begin operations. What they haven’t bargained on is a lowly Brazilian-Japanese mechanical designer named Axyl Gris and his pedicab girlfriend, Azusa. With the help of the mysterious Noodle Hawker, they plot to mobilise the residents of VeloCity and using wit, courage and mechanical know-how, send the thieves packing.


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Table of Contents

I, the Noodle Hawker    
Chapter 2: "The Island"    


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