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Three Days
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updated Nov 30, 2013

Dear Reader,  On November 25th, 2007, I had a panic attack so severe that it lasted for three days straight.  It began soon after the entree course was served at my cousin, Su Ming's wedding, in Darling Harbour, Sydney. My mother and I had flown there from Brisbane earlier that day. (My fear of flying, being one of about eight contributing factors, and most certainly a fear in itself that I had to overcome.) The episode was so acute that I lost the physical sensation of touch, the ability for rational thought, and most devastatingly, I lost the sense of any possible future outside of three seconds! I have since tried to think of the worst things in the world that I could use to describe the sheer agony.  Upon returning to my home, I was still ill. This letter was my tool for alleviating the agony. It was hand written in one night, to a dear friend, from my bed. There are no decisive resolutions except that which I must learn to endure, and a deep sadness from knowing that I will have the source of my anxiety with me always. Thank you.