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Love Don't Love Nobody......
1 part / 24 pages
updated Nov 25, 2013

Love Don’t Love Love Don’t Love Nobody is about a man and his family and how he was able to pull his family out of the hood and introduce them to a better way life. This story takes place in the early 2000 in the Windy City of Chicago. Both their businesses are thriving the Mechanic Shop as well as the Beauty Salon but is that enough to make his marriage last. He has three beautiful daughters, Ro, Cassey and Melia but his heart has longed for a son. He wants nothing but to protect his family but his daughters don’t need his protection so they think. Roberta is the one that always wear her heart on her sleeves and falls for every man she meets. Cassey on the other hand is the future doctor of the family. But can she nurse her own broken heart back together when she lets the love of her life slip through her fingers; which allows him to fall into the arms of his Music Manger Finesse? Melia is out in Paris making her modeling career come to life. But what she doesn’t anticipate is falling in love with her model boyfriend Zack and the lingering feelings she still has for her old flame Maleek. Will this cause her to finally grow up and become a woman or learn what life and love is all about.