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#4 in Non-Fiction
Dad's Time
4 parts / 343 pages
updated Dec 05, 2013

Tracing the life of my father, the dramas and circumstances of both his life and the lives of his family reflected in a time and influences that can never be repeated.  From his birth in the Canadian prairie wilderness, his military world, his bout with bootlegging, a death in the street, his marriage to a Swedish immigrant and her story, and to the family, relatives , and friends whose lives were inevitably drawn together in times, places, and situations now long gone.  It is an insight through the lives of one man and his family, how superficial appearances  of what appears to be mundane and ordinary people can and do hide remarkable, exciting  and sometimes, bizarre, stories.  Lastly, for families everywhere, their antecedents had stories they should know, in order to understand what constituents they, indeed, are made of.