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Voices Inside Of Me
1 part / 62 pages
updated May 09, 2017

Margaret is a young woman tormented by evil spirits from the unknown.  She is terrified and tormented by evil forces whenever she watch a scary movie on television.  She moves away from the crowded city , seeking refuge in a smaller remote area of town, called Mountain Village, thinking that the voices will go away but unfortunately,  this will never happen.  She is still tormented with  these evil sprits  shouting out loud in her ears, threatening to kill her..  She has tried evervything humanly possible to quit watching these scary movies but nothing seems to work.  She talked to her psycologist about it and that didn't  do her any good.  The voices still came back to haunt her regardless.  She is faced with her worst night-mare.   One day, the evil forces of darkness, threatens to kill her.  She will find herself struggling to survive to overcome these wicked spirits before it destroys her.