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The Boiler Maker
1 part / 3 pages
updated Dec 28, 2013

My work was originally intended as a short story exploring the migration of my grandfather, an Italian national born and raised in Egypt, to Australia. I have always been very interested in the history of Australia's post-war immigration and have gathered much anecdotal evidence from my grandfather about his life before coming to Australia and the journey that he undertook in coming to Australia. My story is a semi-biographical record of my grandfather's experiences. Much of his story is enshrouded in mystery, with certain members of my family denying some of his accounts whilst confirming others. I have learnt that much of my grandather's story has been intentionally hidden from me and it has taken many months for me to convince him to reveal scraps of his life; especially the more colourful of his exploits. My work has now grown beyond the short story medium and I intend to write a novel on the subject. The sample that I have chosen to submit is a somewhat condensed version of the first chapter.