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1 part / 158 pages
updated Jan 16, 2017

Dust is a dark, gritty retelling of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. Set in the modern day, Dust tells the story of Pete, an idealistic yet damaged youth who is struggling to forge a future for himself with all the potential he apparently has. Behind him is The Lost Boys, his old gang of best friends and Belle, an old flame that won’t seem to go out. Ahead of him is school, a promising scholarship and Wendy, a dream wrapped in a school uniform and looking right at him. So what’s holding him back? Dust. Once available at every chemist worth it’s salt, Dust was the miracle anti-ageing drug, the real life fountain of youth. Only complication was that once you stopped taking the drug you’d age every second you cheated, with interest. They stripped it from shelves, but that didn’t stop it from popping up on every street corner and back alley. That’s where The Lost Boys came in and that’s where Pete developed his addiction. Now he has his feet on two worlds, the one that keeps him young and the one that lets him grow up, and he has to stop them from colliding at all costs.