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The Great Journey
1 part / 3 pages
updated Nov 18, 2013

Peregryn Holmes (the Holmes coming from the great fictional detective Sherlock Holmes) chose her name because she doesn't remember her real last name, only that she liked the Sherlock Holmes stories. The first thing she remembers is waking up on a hospital bed, when she was 10, and being told that she's going to go live with Walter now, so be a good girl alright?  At her new home she meets a dad who's never really around, but is great when he is; a Julio who's got an angel's heart but makes the devil's decisions; and the first in a row of Bottle Blondes who never really want to be her mother.  The only thing she wants, is to know who her mother is, and who she is, but how will she find that out she can't even remember her own last name?