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I’m a writer and editor publisher. My first book available Poetically International Second book available Sexy Inversion.
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Men’s that’s stand in front of you. And say they are happy Honestly if your so happy Why do you look Like ****. Happy ppl Who Braggs About themselves Being happy. You see it in there Face. Don’t brag something Your not.
June 18 [reply]

Why some men like to be Chauvinistic I don’t care if you have millions Dollars. I don’t care if you getting a car I don’t care if you have nice clothes. All of that You cannot take it With you when You die. Money don’t buy Happiness nor love. May you could buy a hoe with That and Aids.
June 18 [reply]

When I met you. You live in a Ghetto You didn’t have much Did I care You bravely making it Yourself You didn’t have much To Offer me Did I care. So what makes it A different now than before. I don’t care if you live In a box. Because I’ll still love you.
June 18 [reply]