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"Imagine...A Better World" is intended as a critique of global society and the development processes we have adopted so ...
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Introducing myself, I, Nilanjana Sanyal am trained in Psychology, Human Rights Law, Peace Studies, creative writing and the Liberal Arts including Music and Photography. I have volunteered/worked (flexibly) with different social organizations,each of which has helped mold me into a passionate and socially conscientious writer and young egalitarian creative thought practitioner who has learnt even at her young age to respect the last man; indeed I truly & sincerely believe in the progress of nations and peoples. Much of my writings pertain to poverty, inequality, sustainable development and peace and nonviolence.


My 1st major book “Imagine…A Better World…” (Non Fiction, pub. in 2002) was blessed by Nobel Laureate Prof.Amartya Sen. Indeed, if it had not been for his blessings and guidance, I simply would not be where I am today. 

My 2nd book “Peace Loving Nations” (Non Fiction, pub. in 2010) was fore worded by the Late Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer, Alternate Nobel Laureate, Stockholm, Sweden, Dec 2004. My books of fiction include “An American Boy” (Book-length Fiction, 2010 publication long listed for the ‘Vodafone Crossword Book Awards 2010’, India), “Jesus In Our Time” (Book-length Fiction) and “Utopia (A Collection of Short Stories)” both 2013 publications (date of pub: Feb 25, 2013). I have also published a book (“The End of Inequality A New Global Order and a Hope for a More Sustainable Future”, Non-Fiction, pub. 2010) from LAP LAMBERT, Germany, and some poetry from the UK Poetry Library, Manchester as well as a photograph “Developing World” from Ottawa, Canada.

My short story “Planet of No War” has been published by the ‘Children’s Book Trust, New Delhi. Another short story, “Daddy” has been published by ‘Femina Online’ and an article “Sexual Revolution in India: A Myth or A Reality” in the magazine, “Day after”… 

One of my articles, “A Tribute To Nirbhaya: Shock To A Nation” has been published by News Digest International, Torrance, California (United States).

My 5th and 6th books of fiction (“Jesus In Our Time” & “Utopia A Collection of Short Stories”) have been reviewed in “The Hindu”, India.I have also published “The Silent Holocaust” (Fiction) and “Born Free (A Brief History of Man)” (A Memoir). I have besides been adjudged winner in an international short story competition (Fresh Ink Group) based out of the United States.

I am a Bharat Excellence Awardee (2011, India International Centre, New Delhi), a 'Best Personalities of India' awardee and a Karmaveer Chakra Awardee (2012, New Delhi).

I have also been ambassador to Catherine of Siena Virtual College, Ohio in India.

I have always nurtured a true love for philanthropic pursuit and social work besides being a seeker of the truth following an ongoing life struggle which has been covered by one of India’s largest and most definitive online platforms for business innovation, entrepreneurship and inspirational stories.

Please find more about me on

(Under 'People'/Memoir; also honored to find my name listed along side such eternal luminaries as Helen Keller, Jules Verne, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Louisa May Alcott and Hans Christian Anderson in their "Authors" section).

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