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Global Competition across all genres

Publisher Free is more than just an ongoing global crowdfunded writing competition, with generous cash prizes from our Prize pool that is seeded to start at $US40,000 that grows with every reader vote, donation, sponsor and advertiser we can muster.

Publisher Free is much more than that. It's also a business platform for aspiring and publisher writers, whether or not they choose to enter our competition.

It's also a place where readers can interact in new ways with all our writers and other readers and can help determine the course of literary history. Or they can just have fun.

And it's all available now free of charge.



Everything you read, anywhere on Publisher Free, is free. Read and download complete works and works in progress. Share them with your friends. Give writers feedback. Vote for them, follow them, interact with them. Help us to discover new great new writers.



Join for free and submit serialised works or complete works for free. Sit back and wait for our members to tell you immediately what they think of your writing and improve as a writer.

If you want, enter our current competition, that's also for free. All funds earned will be deposited direct into your account. These are raised through numerous channels, including crowdfunding by your supporters and generous cash prizes from our ever-growing prize pool, seeded to start at $US40,000.

There is no limit on how many written works you can submit and there are no boundaries to submission. You retain your copyright under all circumstances and Publisher Free has no commercial interest in your work.

Your work can unfold progressively in series or it can be a completed work in any genre. Build your readership and your income. See where your readers are on a map of the world. Discover your new audience.

Get the sort of feedback and recognition from the public that you could only have dreamed about…. before there was Publisher Free.