Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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What is different about Publisher Free?

Everything, because it's never been done before. As a writer, it's your new business platform. As a reader, it's free access to a new world of reading and global interaction.

The power is now with the people. It's free, open, democratic and crowdfunded. We (and the world) are in search of great new writers. Anyone can be on Publisher Free's best seller list and nobody needs an agent or a publisher. Get onboard.

Who is Publisher Free?

We are a company dedicated to literature and its place in society. As our catchphrase says, we are "the writers home, where reading lives"

How Does the Prize Pool Work?

The prize pool is seeded with a minimum US$40,000 at the start of every (annual) competition and the prize pool grows continually throughout the year with every reader donation, every 'vote plus' payment and with funds received from advertising and sponsorship.

80% of all funds generated from readers are returned to writers, with additional prize money on offer from the Prize Pool.

Can I write?

We are global and exist only to help writers discover (or promote) their talents and be justly rewarded for your creative effort. Submit now and find out what the world thinks of your writing, whether or not you choose to enter our competition. Prepare yourself for feedback.

Is it safe?

All writers on Publisher Free can remain anonymous if they choose, because we have no need of reputations. We only need an email and a few details so we can pay writers directly through PayPal - the safer, easier way to pay online. Read more

Who reviews my work?

We do not review or assess any works. Your works are read and ranked automatically by our global reading community, based on your followers and supporters through 'live' voting. Readers can follow as many authors as they like, for free. You can opt out at any time.

What works can I submit?

You can submit any creative written work, whether complete or serialised. Submit as many works as you like, whenever you like. Edit them all, whenever you like. Engage in 'live editing' at your discretion. Think of it as your business platform as a writer.

When you submit, you can decide if you want to enter our competition, if you're ready. If you choose to enter the competition you can continue to make edits or upload additional parts until submissions are closed and the voting-only phase commences.

Upload all or part of your novel, movie or TV screenplay, novella, theatrical play, poetry and even song lyrics and serialised cartoons. When you submit you'll find all the categories you need. Be bold. Create your own covers. Access all the help you need to become a better and more connected writer.

Who owns the copyright in submitted works?

If you are the original author, you retain all copyright over any and all work submitted to Publisher Free. We assume no interest in any work, nor in any subsequent deal that you may become involved in through Publisher Free. We exist only to give writers the literary credit and financial rewards they are entitled to by virtue of their creativity, perseverance and talent.

What if my work is unedited?

You have access to editors and readers around the world who will be giving you all the feedback you need…and maybe some you didn't!

Build your audience (and your business) over time.

What happens to funds received by Publisher Free?

Net funds received by Publisher Free are allocated as follows:

Other Sources
Individual Writer
Writer Prize Pool
Total to Writer
Writer Promotion/Admin

How do I get paid?

You get paid directly into your account, whenever a donation or 'vote plus' is registered. At the end of our competition, funds from all sources that make up the Prize Pool are also paid directly into the winning writers accounts.

How do you engage society?

We commit a proportion of all retained funds to organisations across the world that support the role of literature in our society generally. Feel free to let us know of any organisations you believe we should consider.