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Why Publisher Free exists

We exist because the world needs a new approach to publishing. Did you know that the vast majority of written works on crowd funding websites don't get funded? Did you know that your chances of publishing through a traditional publishers is negligible? Do you want your work to be lost amidst a sea of published works on web sites where there is no real chance to compete or interact?

At Publisher Free we have a solution and it's simple. We give the power to the people through a competition-based crowd funding model, with numerous funding sources and with no limitations on what can be submitted. You can even be funded without entering our competition.

We are fairer and we are free. We provide a real business platform for all writers and a truly interactive experience for all readers. Join us and be inspired.

Nowhere else can a WRITER enjoy:
  • The ease of submission, the ability to edit at any time, the ability to interact with others and the chance to be truly funded and supported.
  • Your own business platform and your own account, tailor made by you to meet your needs and those of your personalised audience. You can even be anonymous if you wish.
  • Immediate payments directly into your account, from readers around the world who can follow you, vote for you and connect to you, all for free. Get crowdfunded as a writer, as you are in the actual process of writing.
  • The ability to interact with our global membership and give your permission for 'live' editing if you choose.
  • An equal chance to be discovered and to succeed, whether you're published or not. Let's see if your current work can be the next big thing.
  • Instant feedback to improve as a writer.
  • Free access to all the support you could ever wish, whatever your needs. Publish anonymously if you must, but be prepared to be judged by your words on the page.
  • Free access to powerful analytics and feedback. No more writers block! Find out who you are writing for and what they think about your work.
  • The chance to win unprecedented cash prizes with winners decided openly and democratically by our global membership. The prize pool grows daily with every donation, 'vote plus' sponsorship and advertiser that we can access.
  • The security of knowing that 80% of all funds received by readers is returned to our writers, in addition to a share of funds from all our sponsors and advertisers.
  • The option to submit either serialised or completed works. Submit anything at any time and you decide if you want to enter our competition or to just stay connected.

Why readers should get on board

Nowhere else can a READER enjoy:

  • Unlimited free access to our entire library and the chance to engage with others (whether readers or writers) as much or as little as you choose. You have your own free account, with live feeds to keep you fully informed about your favourite writer or work.
  • The convenience of being able to search all written works easily and conveniently, using our powerful filters.
  • Immediate access to serialised works or completed works. Help our writers improve and vote for your favourites.
  • Helping us to unearth new talent and maybe even discover the next generation of great writers.  You can read for free, vote for free, donate or just provide feedback, it's your call.
  • Being part of the global Publisher Free community, which will influence all our futures.

You can remain anonymous. Only the words on the page matter.

Whatever works you do decide to submit, on Publisher Free you can remain anonymous to the world if you choose, because we have no need of reputations. All writers have the potential to benefit financially, whether already 'successful' and published; or whether someone sitting at home or at work wondering whether they have what it takes to be a writer.

Getting started

Upload your work now and get ready for feedback, to be supported through crowdfunding and to be respected as a writer. Of course, if you also chose to enter our competition (it's free) you can hopefully expect a payday.

Submission is free

Our optional competition (noting that you may not be ready as a writer) is free and easy to enter. In order for your work to be made available instantaneously for financial support, we just need your email and a few details. Remember, you don't need a completed work. Submit what you have in series and benefit in many different ways.

Published writers welcome

If you're an established writer, you'll want to submit to Publisher Free because you need to know whether your work is as good as you think it is when it's stripped bare and you are anonymous. Not to mention the prize money.