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The first open publishing platform of its kind.

Any writer can publish works and make money on Publisher Free, without boundaries. You get paid as you write and no longer need a completed work to generate income. We have made publishing accessible.

Crowd funding for all forms of creative writing.

An international funding community of readers not just of books, but all forms of written works.

The first bite of all works is free.

Readers can sample any work on Publisher Free for free and read as many of these as they wish one 'bite' at a time. The way people read is changed forever.

Only pay for what you read.

Combining the power of crowd funding with a 'pay as you read' approach that saves you money while justly rewarding the author.

Writers can write and get paid as they go.

The full potential of 'pay as you read' is realised because for the first time, writers can write 'as they go'. They also get direct and ongoing feedback from their readers.


Written work is assessed on its own merits as all writers on Publisher Free remain anonymous. You may even already be published, but do you have what it takes to stand alone?

Closing the gap between readers and writers.

Readers can communicate with writers as the next bite is being written and writers have direct access to statistics about their readers, including a map showing the distribution of their readers around the world. Powerful, useful, open feedback.

Social Responsibility.

Five percent of all funds retained by Publisher Free is directed to organisations around the world that support writing and the role of literature in society. Feel free to let us know of any organisations you are aware of that might need assistance.

Retain ownership rights.

Your work remains yours and your copyright is protected. Crowd funding ensures your next bite is only released when the funding goal you have set is reached.

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